Observing the Stories in our Mind

Dec 06, 2014

I shall admit a past weakness of mine.  I used to get caught up in my beliefs and desires to have people like me that I would literally go ballistic if for some reason someone was upset with me, to the point of self punishment.  Therefore, to experience the same conditions perfect for testing my evolutionary progress and not have these old habits come to life is very enlightening.

Recognizing the Patterns

The first step of this evolutionary catalyst is simply the recognition of our reactions to triggers that set us off and a wanting or desiring to change.  There were many times that I knew I was overreacting or being triggered yet I could not at that moment stop myself from continuing.  It is very much like recognizing a big hole in the ground, yet unable to avoid falling in.  There may be times when the change may be the opposite of the freedom we seek due to the overwhelming pain and discomfort.  This means we consciously chose to return to that deep sleep of unawareness or trance where something beyond us is automating our behaviours.  Since there is a part of us that values our freedom of self-expression, we eventually re-awaken to try again.   

Making the Change

My first experience of this change was pretty much doing the exact opposite of what I would normally have done and observed the results.  We can do this in many ways, either through being empowered and take that new conscious action or like Ekhart Tolle at that critical moment to surrender or let go of the ego of having to do something.  It could have been I was so tired of reacting that my body refused to replay my usual track at that juncture.  That non-reaction or simply observation of what used to trigger me made such a profound change in my mental, emotional, and physical state that I felt I was finally cured of this powerful invisible force that created such misery for me!  On top of that, the outcome totally shocked me because it was vastly different from what my fears were creating in my mind.  This event inspired me to tweet a recommendation of choosing a different action to a habitual stimulus just for one day.    

Opportunities for Testing

It may be that now we recognize the hole and for the first time not fall in, which is an amazing feeling and accomplishment!  Be kind to ourself if the universe decides to test us again and while knowing there is a hole on the ground we fall in.  Perhaps when we have mastered our lessons we would choose a new path without the hole in the ground or learn to see beyond the many moves before a checkmate. 

Identifying an Area

So where can we begin?  Observe areas of discomfort or dis-ease as they are potential evolutionary catalysts waiting to be discovered and set free.  The waking sprout in the ground uses the energy of anger to reach newer and newer heights on its way to freedom and thriving growth.  Choose freedom and conscious living.  

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Tsu-Ching Yu

Tsu-Ching Yu is a multi-talented performer, lover, dreamer, and student of life. Her mission is to live life to the fullest and each day through the lenses of love, compassion, and understanding. She believes in creating miracles and it all starts with each and every one of us.

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